Well I can’t say that I’m taking it easy for my last post because I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what my last one would actually be.  I had no idea what direction this project would take me or the rest of class, but it seems like we’ve all gone somewhere.  I’ve learned what my strengths are and what things I should work on improving, I’ve learned what things work and what things don’t work.  There are so many valuable lessons this project has taught me about creativity, creation and curiousity.  I had never posted a blog, made a video, dubbed my voice over, made quasi artwork or worn jorts before in my life.  These are just creations that I was able to experience making, I also spent hours just thinking of ideas, writing them down or looking out for them through my daily life.

I would like to continue with the blog, I’ve found that I really enjoy creating videos. My storytelling and pacing seemed to get better the more I did and the better I felt they looked the more I wanted to do. Like I said before I had never made a video before and I had the opportunity to do stop motion, live film and musical slide shows. was also able to take advantage of my photo editing abilities in something other than a work atmosphere, it showed me that I can branch out and work on other creative projects.  The biggest take away from Project 54 is the confidence it has given me to create things, to think about things and most of all to share those things.  Sharing the project with friends and family not only helped me with school but created a bond with the people that took interest.  They followed what I was doing and kept asking me what directive was next or if they had an idea they wanted me to use.  It was surprisingly to share what I was doing, it would always give me added motivation to continue.

I can’t say that Project 54 was a breeze or that I was able to keep up all the time, but I can say that I finished….and I’m better off for it.

This post allowed me to go through all of my previous work was fun and exhausting all at the same time.  It really is crazy how many posts were done over 3 months.  It’s nice to be one post away from completing the project.  This is an homage to all the time and work I’ve spent putting into Levi’s, trust me when I say, they will never be the same to me.   (The video says 56 seconds, which it is, but the photos total 54)

When I read that ‘review’ was going to be the directive I instantly thought about grade school, I don’t know why, maybe we just had a lot of reviews.  Well I set out to create an ad that would instill a childlike perspective on marketing but still have humor directed at adults.  I purposely made it look sloppy, could have had typed letters but I felt like writing it out like that added some character.  I went out to a bar wearing pants with pleats and a girl told me that pleats were so 4 or 5 years ago…I’m still confused. Pleats.

These are the jeans I’ve been using throughout the project, I decided since the directive is review I might as well go back and take a look at the jeans again.  I’ve been staring at these pants for more than 3 months but I was hoping to maybe gain a new perspective as this is the last time I may be looking at them in this light(hopefully).  While looking over them again to see if there were anymore ideas to pull out of the old blue jeans when I noticed that the label was faded, but only sizes,  not the logo.  It’s interesting to me how important it is to keep that logo from fading out of view, not only is it a mobile ad machine but it’s also a testament to the craftsmanship of the jeans themselves.  It’s not surprising that the logo lasts longer than the sizes but it is surprising that it’s something I didn’t notice until now.

Okay well we’re on the last directive and because I fell a little bit behind I this past week I cannot stop thinking about this project.  It’s the worst when I’m home because I can’t really do anything without having Levi’s jeans in the back of my mind.  Seems like that’s part of the project though to keep you thinking throughout, it’s hard because I want to always have a slam dunk idea.  I’ve been keeping Levi’s in my head all the time to come up with new ideas and this is just a way of showing how no matter what I’m doing, even when I’m home relaxing, I”m thinking about Levi’s.

I took these photos out of a book I was reading at a friends house, it’s by a comedy team that does the show “The Mighty Boosh”.  I’ve tried to shy away from showing images that aren’t really ‘original’ but it struck my as odd that while I was taking some down time from school hanging with a friend that I found something so relevant to a class I’m taking.  I was flipping through the book and say this page of some jeans and a list of funny names for animals, if something like this isn’t being thankful for I don’t know what it.  It really goes to show you that if you have something on your mind a lot you tend to find things related to it, you’re more perceptive to a creative idea.  I would have never thought twice about looking at this book before but now, just because there’s a funky photo related to jeans, I have to snap a picture and talk about it.  That’s why it relates to thankful for me, It brings me back to the fact that all around your life is inspiration you just have to be ready for it.  Levi’s be ready for inspiration.


Here is a video of a squirrel I took on campus the other day, he seemed very uninterested in my presence.  I’ve been having trouble thinking about things I can do for Thankful, but when I saw this little squirrel I knew that I had found the absolute root of thankful.  This little guy was living the dream on something we consider dirty, a trash can, he wasn’t afraid of me he was enjoying his little squirrel life.  That’s what Levi’s should mean to people, they do the dirty work, but they let you enjoy every part of life, by making you comfortable no matter where you are.  Finding inspiration around you is important, lately I’ve been documenting anything I find interesting or different.  I didn’t want to soil the video with some cheesy ad ending so I left it as is minus the commentary.  That was the first time I’d tried using bubbles for a youtube video and it was surprisingly easy.  I can’t think of any way I’ll use it again, but it’s always good to learn new things.